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Citrus Fruits

Frequently Asked Questions

Common queries about distribution, storage, and freight services answered

  • Q: Are the products listed always available, and is there a minimum order?
    Generally, the products listed are always available. There are occasional temporary out-of-stock items which we will advise you of at time of order. Some products do have minimum order quantities which will be made clear to you at time of order.
  • Q: Do the distribution prices include delivery?
    Yes, when you place an order for distribution from our catalogue, those prices include delivery. Glass bottle deposits will be charged as a separate line item and are subject to full refund.
  • Q: Do you take back empty glass bottles?
    Yes, we pick up all empty glass bottles and original crates that were delivered by us. These will be credited to your account. Please be sure that the bottles are rinsed clean and organized for our drivers.
  • Q: When will you deliver my order?
    When you get a quote or place an order, you will be given a day. Regular deliveries to businesses are scheduled on regular routes so days of the week are consistent. Depending on your location, we can let you know the applicable route days. Multiple days per week are available depending on location and order size.
  • Q: How do billing and payment work?
    Distribution and freight customers with accounts will be invoiced after delivery. Storage customers will be invoiced on their individual billing cycles. Where distribution customers' empty glass bottles have been returned for deposit, we will credit their account and send them the invoice. We accept cheques mailed to: Island Point Distribution 107 - 1611 Broadway Street Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2M7 We also accept email money transfers to the email address on the bottom of your invoice.
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What Our Customers Say

Can’t Go Back to Plastic

Since tasting and drinking milk from glass bottles, I can’t go back to plastic

Mary S.


Kitty Islet Park, Victoria BC
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